Friday, September 16, 2005

The week from hell.

Yep, that's what I typed. A great big H-E-double hockey sticks. Makes a girl just want to stick her tongue out at the world and crawl into bed. Well, first I'll get my closet painted and perhaps a beaded curtain installed.

Beaded curtain? I know, you're thinking this girl's gotta be off her rocker. But here's the deal. I have a walk-in closet that's 3 feet by 8 feet. Now I know what you're thinking. HOW on earth is THAT a walk in closet. Well, the builder of the home decided that this closet should have a regular door on it and the homeowner could just shuffle past the clothes to get to the back.

NEXT said builder decided that the door on said closet should swing inward. Yep, inward. Taking out two feet of totally useable closet space. So I've decided to remove the door. My original plan was to change it so it swung out. But I asked for suggestions for the amount of work, and someone suggested a beaded curtain. That doesn't sound so bad right now. Sunday night I do get my closet shelves back (woo hoo!)

Argh, so far I haven't explained why my week sucks. I will later. I just don't want to type right now.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Rampant Harem Accumulation

Sigh. Just when I disbanded the last harem, my life seems to be getting odd again. And I know how it happens!

I have this online dating profile. I keep it around for sh!ts 'n giggles. And for the odd geek get together in a public place. Occasionally (very occasionally), I'll get an email from a guy on there. Even more rare is the species of email that doesn't involve foreign countries, married men and/or a first line that asks me if I want to have the guy's babies. Yes, really.

So, I chat with and email people from the site that I've met at the get togethers and I don't worry so much about the whole meeting guys thing. There's more to life and all that crap.

Well, there's a guy, one or two actually, who I've been emailing for awhile and have just given up on. They email, disappear, email again a couple week (or months!) later. Fine, we all have busy lives. They seem nice enough and they aren't creepy, married and or looking to knock me up at first meeting (have my standards really fallen so low??????). Occasionally, one will get around to wanting to meet in person. Miraculously, this happened just a week or so ago and I managed to get a coffee date last night.

Not only does he meet the basic criteria, he's funny, appears smart, hardworking and normal. Yes folks, normal. Oohhhh and he fishes.

So last night, I go to bed happy about meeting a new guy who seems pretty darned nice. No, there were no wedding bells ringing in my head. Not even "let's go out to dinner" bells. Just more of a "whoda thunk it????" I told him I'd email him my phone number today.

So, I log in to my account and no email from him, but I ship one off to him with my phone number. He's at work, not likely to get it until later. I check randomly throughout the day as there is a get together tonight (Karaoke, ack!) and often I'll get email from friends the day of a meet like that.

Mid-morning, I get an email. But wait... I don't know this ID. So I read the email and it's a guy who came across my profile and is interested. Wha????? Timing really is everything folks. And no, one coffee date with a guy does not a relationship make (let's ignore my own personal baggage here and just pretend it could happen, mmmmk?), but I don't want to get into another harem situation.

Right now Zig is laughing at me, Igloo boy is making up harem scorecards to track my harem progress and the evil twin is shaking her head and biting her tongue. The rest of you are likely staring at the screen in horror, or laughing uncontrollably.

So I takes me time and I think about the situation. Wondering why these things happen to me gets me nowhere. Wondering what I did to attract men with similarities at various times of my life is more entertaining. I remember the 4 Gregs - in all my time online, I've had 4 Greg/Gregorys contact me...all in the same week. Two Justin's - same thing - two guys, same name, one week.

Now my little list of "fate has a sense of humor" coincidences put the the guy from last night and the guy who emailed me this morning in the same workplace. A large workplace to be sure and they are in two totally different areas so likely do not know each other. But you have to admit it's more than a little odd.

Anyway, at some point, my little mind decides that emailing guy #2 is perfectly innocent and should be done. So off goes the email. It's a Friday, I'm surprised I got any response at all from him knowing what I'm like on a Friday. But I do.

In the meantime, I end up talking to another guy through the message boards (confuzzled yet?) and he starts emailing me wanting to get to know me better.

So I go from a disbanded harem to the beginings of another one. Is there just some days where I look better than others? I just don't get it.

Friday, September 02, 2005

dream analysis time

Or... time to point and laugh at me.

So the other night I have THE weirdest dream ever. Not scary weird, just strange. I'm supposed to meet this guy for a date, and I get to the restaurant and he's already eating - turns out I'm a half hour late (sheesh, you'd think he could wait, wouldn't you?) But then I get up and go to another table and apologize to one of my best friends for being late for dinner with her. Then I go back to my date.

Back at the table I sit down and we're immediately interrupted by the guy I call "Creepy guy." (He's a real person that I know, not just a figment of my imagination, and yes, he's creepy guy in real life.) He and a date sit down. Then more people join us. And more. Until there are so many people between me and my date that I can't see him or talk to him. And the whole time I'm wondering how creepy guy got a cute girl to actually go on a date with him rather than run screaming.

It's just sooooooo strange. You know, I'm usually dreaming about snakes coming through the ceiling at me, or large cartoon turtles wandering through my bedroom. I think I'd prefer the odd critters to the strange dating experience dreams.