Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I'm out of the cube for a few days, and off at the farm. Completely relaxing, peaceful, quiet and wonderful for the few days I'm here (nothing longer, please). I love it for short periods, anything longer is just too much.

So happy holidays from the frozen flatland. Hope you all had a happy, healthy holiday with your family and friends, and wishing you a fantastic 2010!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays

Another Christmas is upon us. I'm irritating my new husband with Christmas music and far too much time spent trying to pick out just the right gift for each of my brother's kids. I figure we're even since his sisters kids spent hours irritating the...heck...out of me.

I set up and decorated both trees a couple of weeks ago and it looks pretty good around here right now. We've plans for a small New Year's Eve get together. Sadly, the way the weather's looking, people who have to travel further have opted to do something closer to home. It's the way things go, yet still irritating.

I reflect on the past year - my cube no longer has a blocked view (woo hoo, south view yet again). It's larger and feels more private, even if I know it isn't really. My new team is pretty decent to work with and pretty friendly. I've made new friends and struggled to maintain some old. Life moves on and I wonder at opportunities lost, yet feel happy with where I am.

All in all, it's been a pretty good year. I wish everyone the best, happiness, joy and prosperity in the new year. Enjoy the holiday spirit, the love, the lights and the snow. It comes but once a year. Don't waste this time with friends and family.

Peace and Love,

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Getting married

Well, here I am getting married again. This whole blog started as a way to deal with my divorce several years ago. And it worked.

On Sunday, I go and do it again. And I'm terrified. The first time I joked that "if it doesn't work, I can just get divorced, right?" And now I know that there is no "just" in getting divorced. There is only divorce. Divorce is ugly, painful, and soul destroying.

I like to think I came out of the experience a better person, but some days I'm not sure anymore. I fall back into the old patterns, make the same mistakes and generally have a good shot of messing this marriage up too.

I've waited too long to call it off. 3 more days, and it's done.

I'm not sure this was the right decision.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Step 1: Apply


I've applied to a Psychology degree program. It's a start.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time for a change

No surprise there, to be honest, I tend to like change a lot. Right now, it looks like it's back to school for me. It's something I've considered off and on, but never really looked at seriously because what I want to do is going to require a Ph. D. Yup. Dr. Moose.

Sure, you probably think it's a little crazy, but that's probably fine and somewhat required. What do I want to do, you ask? Psychology. C'mon, it's a job with great furniture potential, glasses are just as required as in computer geekdom, and it'll reduce my computer useage which is a good thing since I'm fairly certain I'm feeling a bit of Carpal Tunnel set in. Pffft, who needs to worry about ergonomics? Apparently I should have.

The good news is, I'll be able to continue working while I take my degree. Depending on course load, I may drop down to part time, but I don't need to decide that yet and thankfully work is really understanding with that kind of thing. I'm not sure I want to have the "What are you doing in your time off?" "Ohhhhhh studying in a field that isn't beneficial to the company at all," likely isn't all that good for maintaining employment for any length of time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time marches on

And I'm clearly not posting as much as I should. Unfortunately, I don't have much to comment on. So... you know... ummm

Check out for some entertainment.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Vegetables (and the Wii Fit)

All right, in my last post, I seem to have forgotten to talk about something I wanted to - my Wii Fit. I love my Wii Fit even though hula-hooping for minutes at a time is painful and wrong. Who are they kidding with the "You have unlocked a new duration: 10 minutes!" crap. Nonono. PS what the hell happened to me in the past 25 years? Or am I just imagining being able to hula hoop for remarkable lengths of time?

So, I'm on WW as I've mentioned before. It's working really well, oddly enough. I managed to lose 3.5 lbs in the first week. Of course, then vacation happened and things went sideways, but I'm still officially down 4 lbs so I suppose that's a victory in itself. Especially considering the amount that J and I have been eating out lately - oops.

But, I've come to discover that I might actually like vegetables. Things like fresh peppers, cucumbers and peas are fantastic. And by "fresh" I don't really mean "From a package in the grocery store." I mean from an actual farmers' market. They just taste soooo much better than whatever has been shipped into the local grocer. It's kinda remarkable. They still aren't overly filling on their own, but the reality is that I can eat them until I'm full (which is a ridiculous amount of produce) and not damage my diet at all.


And I don't care what the WW scale says - my home scale has me down about 7-8 lbs and I like those numbers better :)