Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Christmas tree

When I was a kid, we always had a real tree. None of that fake stuff for my family. Nopers. Real all the way. Today, I still prefer a real tree, even though I went out in search of a fake one this year. I didn't find one I liked all that much so I came home with a fraser fir tonight. I've got it up, waiting for it to open a bit before I start stringing lights and decorations.

It's this time of year that brings out the kid in me again. I love christmas carols. Live for the day I get to put up the tree and decorate it. This year I invited some friends over to help me celebrate birthdays and christmas all in one. Saturday night.

And I'm in mid breakup with one of them.


If this is what adulthoof feels like, it sucks. I have this decision to make - whether or not to move, and if I do move, where to move to. Tonight, I put up my tree. For awhile I got to forget about all the crap in my life and just enjoy something I loved as a kid.

It's not the same when I'm alone.

It's not the same decorating a tree for me and two cats.