Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Let's hear it for retail therapy!

S is a bad influence. A very, very bad influence. But, I now own the leather jacket I've always wanted. Last night, Dinner with T was great and included it's very own retail therapy moment - new capris. It's funny. I don't know when I forgot how truly happy I am when I'm out with my friends. It takes my mind off of things. I laugh and spend money :)

Today was another just like the good old days. Although the retail moments with S will die away as she gets closer to the agreement with her ex, and it's still nothing like the $500 sprees we used to go on, but it was fun. She's even coming out to Elk Island on the weekend with me if she can convince her ex to take the kids for a few hours. Either way, I'm going.

Heh, the other retail therapy purchase today was books. One about relationships. One about Scotland. I really want to see Scotland. It's where my Mom's dad was from and apparently if ya trace my dad's family back far enough he's from there too. S would even go with me, although I'm not sure how she'd pay for it. I think she's just hoping H would go with her as a tour guide. Although, heck, I wouldn't turn down a scottish tour guide if he had the right accent.

Oh fine, any accent.