Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I've received the following comment to my blog...

"The comment made...."Good luck to J dealing with the basketcase that is you."

Your response...."J says he knows. He is good with it."

HELLO... you still look to someone else for approval?! This wasn't directed to/at J yet you looked to him for the answer/approval instead of dealing with or finding the answers within yourself. Perhaps you don't like the answer you already know.... You still have a lot of growing up to do so yeah good luck to J or perhaps he's another drama junkie too. The fact that you have to dispell the good of others, says much, no matter who may be reading your blog.

"Jealousy and the negativity that surrounds us." a previous blog entry of your..... CHOICES it's not bread into us it's your choice to have those negative thoughts and to verbalize/write/think them.
Yes others can be that way but it's choice. Please give up the pity me party already would ya.

At one point an interested fan of your writings/humor until I got curious and read beginning to end of your "posts"

Drama omg!Check! Basketcase!!
Your last few entries show just how much of a drama junkie you really are, and how little you know of yourself and life!
Now this I would like to see posted lol although I doubt you will.

And before you over dramatize things to who knows what degree let me be 100% honest in that we do not know each other. Like I said once a fan.

I considered not responding to this at all, but I felt a few things needed addressing.

I did not look to J for approval. I found the comment from an anonymous poster to be incredibly amusing and I thought I'd share the comment with him. The comment was directed to him as you were wishing him luck. I passed on your good wishes. He's well aware of who I am. He has the address of my blog and can read the same words you read. He also has the benefit of something you claim to not have. He knows me. He knows me beyond these posts and he knows what's behind the humor. Perhaps it helps that he shares the same humor that I do.

Most people can understand there is more to a person than the words on a page. What you get here are the extremes. The happiness, the sadness, even some exaggerated points of view. You also get my opinion on what goes on around me. I'm a people watcher.

I do no dispell (?) the good of others. In fact, if you knew me, you would know that I often recognize the good in others - I just tend to do it in person rather than on a blog. Once again, you get a slanted view here. Sure, it's what I choose to post, but sharing stories about puppy dogs and kittens tends to be boring and not overly newsworthy. Take a look at the world around you. You don't see "woman pets kitten, news at 11." Our media surrounds us with negativity and the evils of our society every day. This is my take on the world around me and what I see around us.

I'm not sure if you are a woman or a man. In my experiences with women - and trust me, as a woman I've befriended and learned about many in my lifetime - my post on jealousy is quite accurate. In fact, many of my female friends have had that conversation with me and agreed before I ever posted it here. I took time to formulate my thoughts around that and they're still open to change. Nothing in there was absolute. It's what I see. Is it every woman? No. But the women who truly aren't like that are a surprise and in my experience very noteworthy. Is it a behavior to strive for? Yes. What is the problem with that? OMG, I see a flaw in myself, recognize it and want to change it. Also, consider the question "Nature or Nurture." It seeks to answer whether much of our behavior is inherited or a part of how we are raised. I know that the behavior I examined in the Jealousy post is Nurture which means it can be changed and yes, is a choice, but it is - for most - an unconscious choice until the recognize the behavior in themselves.

Drama junkie? No. I had a brief period of far too much drama in my life and you have no idea how happy I am that it's over. I like my calm little life where I can answer the question "what's new?" with "absolutely nothing." Well, ok, with the exception of "OMG, going to KA in Vegas!!!"

Enjoy reading a blog you apparently feel yourself too good for. I don't post this stuff for anyone but myself. In fact, I have very few regular readers and I'm happy with that. Thanks for the laugh, the chance to respond to your criticisms and the knowledge that I must have done something right to get such an angry response to my words. Funny thing, I never once considered not publishing your comments. They reflect more on you than they do on me - perhaps you need to ask yourself why you needed to criticize someone you've never met? Just to help you out, I feel that people who agree with me, as well as those who don't, deserve to have their opinions read (provided they're well written and not overly abusive). I am not right. There is nothing to be right about. So please, if you feel that anything I've posted is wrong, feel free to comment as such to that post and I'll let it stand.

OMG! Drama!