Monday, July 06, 2009

Wii Fit, Farmers' Markets and Weight watchers

I've recently become a member of weight watchers. This has come with somewhat hilarious results (aside from the 6 lbs I lost in June, hooray). In order to lose that 6 lbs, I've done some things that are...unusual for me. Take Saturday night, for example. We'd rented movies, I'd planned my day and had several points left over for a little splurge at 7-11. I figured slurpee and some chips would be great for the movie.

Until I walked into the 7-11. I looked at the slurpees. None seemed all that appealing considering the result they would have (slowing my weight loss). So I wandered away empty handed and ended up in the chip aisle. Again, none were sufficiently tempting to make me actually want to buy them. Same with chocolate and other selections of candy goodness. Ice cream? What's the point when I have this great frozen yogurt at home with half the calories (mmmm chapmans Yogurt+ frozen yogurt. Go. Try it.)

I ended up going home with a small bag of ripple chips and a Crystal Light slurpee from Mac's (yes, this endevour involved TWO convenience stores, not just one). And I felt horrible about it. The good news, I still lost weight for the week.

Now, if you know me, you probably know that in a previous life, I thought nothing of buying the giant party sized bags of chips and consuming them all at once. So this change is kinda funny, if frustrating. It seems that weight watchers has destroyed junk food for me. Finally.

The good side of Weight Watchers is a new interest in fresh produce. So much so, that J and I have taken to shopping at Farmers' Markets for some great fresh seasonal goods. Last weekend, we left the farmers' market with fresh lettuce, strawberries, peppers (red, yellow, purple and an extra sweet red), cucumbers, fresh pasta, a great salsa, red scallions and almost an eggplant.

Now, if it would stop raining so we could get the deck built and some grass in things would be fan-freakin-tastic. Only because then we could buy a BBQ and there'd be some point to buying an eggplant besides making baba ganouj.


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