Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time for a career change?

So, I'm sitting here staring at my student ID for one of the schools in the area. This number is so old - the first two digits indicate the year it was issued. '93. Yep. I'm that old. Or that young. Depends on your perspective.

I'm actually considering a massive career change. I've spent time considering what I enjoy doing, what makes me feel like I've accomplished something (which IT has stopped doing for me) and thought long and hard about this. Obviously not long enough or hard enough since I'm still having trouble pulling the trigger on the first step.

I want to be a.... lumberjack! Ok. No, I don't. I just love Monty Python.

I want to be a baker. I love baking. LOVE it.

The problem I have is career options. Especially here. It amounts to work at a hotel or work at a grocery store. Sure, there's the odd other career choice, but this city doesn't seem the type of place that sustains specialty food outlets. We've already got a couple of cupcakeries and I don't see me opening a coffee shop. So my options are limited.

I started this blog hoping it would give me some insight on my life as I babbled mostly to myself about the general direction and events in my life. Likewise with this post. I'd hoped to find some wisdom, some gem of insight into whether or not I'm ready to throw away the corporate desk and replace it with an apron and flour covered hands. :)

In many ways, yep, yep I am. I made a cake this weekend as a test for making my wedding cake. It turned out pretty good, including the fondant. Not bad for a first attempt considering I've heard a lot of horror stories about how hard it is to work with and I enjoyed doing it.

I'm just not sure if it's something I want to take from hobby to profession.

I know that a local school has a pastry program. It even offers part time courses which would be perfect to get me more familiar with what I'd be expected to do and whether or not I really want to do it. One's a week long and during the day which would be even better - an actual week spent in the particular environment.

Which brings me back to the start of this post. I'm staring at my student ID wondering if I should really take this step. And if I do, which step to take. Night courses? A week long intensive program?


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