Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy belated New Year

Well, I've spent the last week coughing, sneezing and sniffling my way through the New Year hoopla. While some might consider such affliction to be Karma, I say, nay. Karma had many, much more important, people and places to visit on such an occasion. To suggest that I am important enough for such attention at such an important time of year would really inflate my importance to the world. Let's face it, I'm just another ant in the farm moving my little grain of sand.

I might even suggest that this past year, I've done little that warrants a visit from Karma. I believe she's dallied long enough over the whole divorce thing (what with the pneumonia and all), then there was the "bad choices in dating" period which she cleared up with a bout of mono. I do wish she's stop with using disease, but I suppose that's the only time I sit down (or lie down and whine) and take notice.

This past cold could be considered my "reward" for attempting some fair-weather winter outdoor adventuring (aka Cross Country Skiing). But I refuse to believe that. Simply because I had a great time while adventuring outdoors in the fantastically fair weather we were graced with between Christmas and New Year's.

It has been awhile since I posted my pondering for all (ok, no one) to read. Mainly because I've been busy. November and December saw a flurry of festive finagling, including a brunch for our families, a pre-Christmas dinner for his Dad's side of the family in the city, a wine and chocolate night for some friends and I and much Wii-ing and WoW-ing all around.

I'm actually looking at starting a couple of new blogs - one for our entertaining (mmmm bourbon glazed ham!) and one for my baking (port-soaked cherry brownies).

And for Zig, I've removed all trace of the previous, secret, third blog that no one got to read, nor would anyone want to read it other than the fact that I mentioned it was secret, thus increasing interest in it. :)


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