Monday, February 16, 2009


So, in my ongoing career contemplation, I've done some investigation. This investigation included some personality profiling and seriously looking at the results from such. In my original profile, I am an INTP. Strong emphasis on the N (intuition) and the P (Perceiving).

OK, fine. So what on earth does that mean???

It means that I should be interested in careers in:

social science, psychology, art and theatre work, entertainment, counseling writing, acting and photography. (Intuition)


writing, restaurant work, social science, manual labor, art, entertainment and acting.

Ok then. Let's look at the commonalities there. Social science is out. Sorry folks, I'm just not the "save the world" type. Entertainment - what exactly is entertainment if it isn't acting, art or theatre work? Acting...heh. I've considered this. I don't have the face or body for such a career choice.

This leaves me with art and writing.

Soooo, I went a little further in the self assessment tools and looked at my interests. Yeah - quilting, travel and baking. It offered the ability to select a generic career and get a list of interests related to said career. I chose art. Let's just say that my interests are heavily related to art.

What ARE the options in art? Well, let's take a loose definition and include design. Landscape design (maybe I wasn't so crazy when I was younger) is one option. Looking at some options that are a little crazier, I came up with blacksmith. While it'd be cool to do the artistic side of that - sculptures - I think I would loses my mind making wrought iron railing after wrought iron railing. And I think the job opportunities as a blacksmith would be limited in Edmonton. Most people prefer walking into Home Depot and ordering something from a factory rather than getting a custom designed and smithed piece. So that won't really work.

Art. What a surprise. I've always considered myself fairly bland and un-artistic. Which brings me to another thought I've had today.


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