Thursday, August 07, 2008

Open House Menu

Ok, this isn't set in stone at this point, just putting down ideas so I don't forget. It is an open house so overly hot or overly cold foods need to be kept to a minium.

Bacon wrapped onions (these may have to go. I'm sad)
Cheese & crackers
hummus (you have no idea how many cans of chickpeas we have. Really.)
Stuffed Mushrooms?
Baked Brie?
Cupcakes & cookies

Blasted Church - The Dam Flood
Mission Hill - Pinot Gris
Bruadar Whiskey Liquer

Food that didn't make the cut
Salad rolls - I'm not sure about peanut allergies so didn't want to serve this. Another time!
Bacon wrapped mushrooms - one bacon wrapped item per party.
Sangria - too much effort. Better suited to a BBQ anyway


We had the house walk-through yesterday. Wow. It looks amazing. The hardwood is fantastic, the kitchen is everything I wanted. Just a couple more weeks and we're in.

I've already started planning the housewarming (in Sept) and I can't wait to use that new double oven. Bacon wrapped onions anyone? How about some Blasted Church wine? I must go to Costco to see if I can get a case of that wonderful stuff.

I can't wait. I love J's house, but it just isn't big enough for the two of us. Especially not when we both want to cook. Or be in the same part of the house together, really. Add the pets and it's really not fun.

Life is good.