Saturday, October 04, 2008

It's ok to be happy

Yeah, I know. That goes without saying right?

Here I with with an awesome house, 3 vehicles in the driveway, 2 cats, a dog, a great job, some pretty terrific friends and a wedding to plan. All pretty good reasons to be happy. Add in curling season starting and a personal trainer and it's all roses.

Yet some days I sit here waiting for the other shoe to drop. There's got to be something out there, some little bit of renegade karma waiting until I least expect it. I know I haven't been a perfect person. Who is? I can look back now and see my mistakes. Although it isn't always easy to determine when the mistake was made.

It's funny looking back, the angrier people are at me for things, the more justified I feel. It's not those situations I question. It's the ambiguous ones. Like my divorce. He and I can actually be friendly now. It was great to hear that his friends in Houston made it through the hurricane, even if Kemah didn't. I'm still not sure what the mistake was there. Was it the marriage? Or the divorce.

Regardless, it's that waiting for the karma that gets me. It's a situation I have to change. It's probably best to enjoy the happiness and let karma take care of itself.