Friday, September 02, 2005

dream analysis time

Or... time to point and laugh at me.

So the other night I have THE weirdest dream ever. Not scary weird, just strange. I'm supposed to meet this guy for a date, and I get to the restaurant and he's already eating - turns out I'm a half hour late (sheesh, you'd think he could wait, wouldn't you?) But then I get up and go to another table and apologize to one of my best friends for being late for dinner with her. Then I go back to my date.

Back at the table I sit down and we're immediately interrupted by the guy I call "Creepy guy." (He's a real person that I know, not just a figment of my imagination, and yes, he's creepy guy in real life.) He and a date sit down. Then more people join us. And more. Until there are so many people between me and my date that I can't see him or talk to him. And the whole time I'm wondering how creepy guy got a cute girl to actually go on a date with him rather than run screaming.

It's just sooooooo strange. You know, I'm usually dreaming about snakes coming through the ceiling at me, or large cartoon turtles wandering through my bedroom. I think I'd prefer the odd critters to the strange dating experience dreams.


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