Friday, August 26, 2005

Soothing my conscience

Mmmmm peas. You know those sugar peas that you just eat whole. Nummy. That's my mid morning snack. That and some good classical music and I'm set for a Friday.

It helps that I've taken steps to easy my conscience on the guy thing. Right now... I think everyone is aware of the situation. The funny thing is, most guys responded with a "yep, that's cool. You're just getting out of something, you're young. Have fun."

Well, the welder messed with my head a bit and called me a player - like he'd been reading my blog or something. Everyone else was cool with it. Hmm, I guess i haven't really told K, but I haven't talked to him to tell him either. Urg. He reads my blog so maybe he already knows. That would suck.

When does curling season start so I can just do that instead of this dating thing?????


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