Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mother Nature is NOT your friend

Ever notice how every long weekend it rains? When I was in Calgary everyone I knew went camping May long weekend. And everyone I knew said, "of course it's going to snow. It's May long weekend. It ALWAYS snows!" And stampede... It's either going to be record breaking hot, or pouring down rain. I don't recall ever being at stampede when it's a nice, moderate 23 degrees. I have watched the rodeo and chuckwagons in pouring down rain however.

Take my vacation this year. Sunny and gorgeous for my drive out to the Rocks... then the next morning - rain. Mother Nature relented and gave me one good day of sun for my hike, for which I'll be eternally grateful, but then... more rain.

So, what brought on this rant against the woman who controls our weather? Well...I got up this morning and saw clear skies. A few clouds from the rain overnight, but it appeared to be breaking up and going away. So instead of searching for a jacket to wear, I ran out of the house to catch the bus wearing just my work clothes.

What a mistake. By the time I got downtown, it was starting to show signs of rain. I stop at Sunterra Market for a chocolate milk and a scone and step outside - the rain has started. Wind and rain. It now appears to have settled in for the long haul and I'm afraid my lunch is going to be spent searching for something waterproof for my trip home.

Shoulda known better - straight hair AND no jacket. Who could resist that combination?


At 10:09 AM , Anonymous Crystal said...

I feel for you. So far we have clear sky's but its been a balmy 8 degrees! 60% chance of showers called for today. Yipee. Oh, and for the next few days too. Hopefully your day improves. :)

At 8:08 AM , Blogger Ryan said...

July 10. 1999 Stampede. it snowed.

Supposed to be a low tonight of 5.

Stay warm Crystal!


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