Thursday, July 28, 2005

Some changes just have to be made

Tonight, I'm reverting to my maiden name. At least that's the plan if I can fit it in between work and hitting the road. I just realized this morning I needed someone to take care of the cats since I'm leaving tonight instead of the oringinal Friday departure. So I called a couple friends and one is willing to do it. I guess I owe him food now... just not sushi, my bank account can't afford that! Anyway, I tried to decide whether to change the name before leaving town, or waiting until Tuesday and ceremonially do it on the 8th anniversary of losing my maiden name. To be celebrated with... uhhhh hmmm.

The itchy feet aren't going away and there's a part of me that's looking at leaving Edmonton. Go somewhere to get a new start. The problem... a 2 month old mortgage on a condo. Not to mention the cost of moving. so for right now, it gets to wait. I have too much I want to do to start running away and hoping a bank would finance another mortgage when I got wherever I was going!


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