Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Gonna be a foster Mom!

No, not to a child. Do you REALLY think the world needs me raising an actual human child? Uh huh. Didn't think so. So, I'm going to be a foster Mommy to a dog. Maybe. Soon. Sometime. I hope.

This is my solution to being restless, edgy and needing something to do with those hours in the day I'm not at work or on the bus going to work. Speaking of... on my bus ride the other day I saw the oddest thing. A red, 90's-ish Toyota Tercel with "hiclass" as the personalized plate. Now, the car certainly doesn't say it, so apparently the owner felt a need to tell the world about her high maintenance personality... oh... or she's a call girl. Either way, I find truly high class people don't have to shove it down your throat that they are. They just are.

Then again, I'm not... so what do I know? Other than... I'm getting a dog!


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