Tuesday, July 05, 2005

what a crappy morning

Well then. I've spent the morning trying to put out fires that I'm not sure were completely my fault. The project I was working on, the one I finished last week... well, it worked fine in testing and in staging. No breaky anywhere. Then this morning - yes, we put the damned thing into production on a thursday. Yes, it was a 4 day weekend. No, I didn't have much say in that. When I suggested perhaps we not do it, I was told no one would be working over the weekend and it SHOULD go in on Thursday.

Well, it didn't work. Big old error when the users go and try to submit a request. Well.... considering submitting requests is the purpose of the app, this is an issue. Call my PM, say "It worked in testing adn staging, wtf" I get yelled at. Ok, so back to debugging. Call her again and say "I think we need to revert production so people can work. The problem with that is, I lose any ability to debug because it works in testing and staging." She yells at me again that she has no control over the production environment and it's different than staging - well, thanks, I've figured that one out. I tell her that on debugging, I'm not sure how/when I'll have answers since the other web guy is out this week and he's way more familiar with the architechture and what may be causing our little problem. I get yelled at again at how this is going to put us two weeks behind with his vacation and mine.

Erm.... At this point, I'm losing my patience. First off, there's NO way I could predict this happening. I have no control over the portal. I have little control over the portlets. All I can do is build and test in the environments I've been given to do so. I can't see the future and determine that certain things will work in testing/staging, then break in production. But somehow this is my fault and not it's my fault that the app is going to be delayed another two weeks. I'll take responsibility for prior delays... but this one? Uh uh. No way. Not gonna happen.

Even better, to revert the design, I got to call the server guys. Well, guess what. He wasn't so happy to hear that "we" decided to upgrade a major application right before a weekend. A long weekend. When he was on call. So, my morning has been crappy. Been yelled at from all sides. And now, it's looking like it might have just been some corruption in the refresh process that caused all the problems. Nothing like corruption to bring out the finger pointing in us all.


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