Thursday, June 30, 2005

being single... sucks.

It's been 10 years since I've really had to do this and even then... I didn't. So, I'm bad at the whole dating thing. Heh, bad could be an understatement. To borrow a line from igloo boy, "Welcome to the fitness club....i'm your professional trainer, I will be going on a date with you, and you will procede to eagerly run a marathon."

Or, even better, "CurlingGoddess. Scaring men away one date at a time..."

Bah. Summer's here, vacation coming up. Woo hoo, a week in Calgary and Banff. Which reminds me, I've figured out what I want to buy (camping gear). Now, I just need to go buy it. I'm so excited. The only remaining question... am I brave enough to buy an axe and try building a fire on my own.... eh, why not? :-D what's life without a little danger???

Just another growing (or shrinking, if I miss my target with the axe) experience... It does beg the question "should I be camping alone," but dammit, if I can't go camping alone in Canada, how can I wander through Italy alone next fall????


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