Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I end up in the oddest situations.

I bought a china cabinet tonight. Nice, used one to replace my casualty of moving. It's not perfect, but for $70, I regain use of cupboard space and my kitchen table.

This purchase showed me that I know too few people with trucks. Far too few. I ended up having to call my ex. So now my china cabinet cost $100. $70 + a $30 meal at Gino's. It really only made sense that I meet him on the south side since that's where he and the china cabinet both were. Anyway, I could explain all my thought processes this fine afternoon, but let's just leave it at exhaustion and stupidity.

He picked me up at work. Let's just have a moment's celebration for the fact he remembered where I worked this time ;-). We ate, we still had time to kill so off we went furniture shopping. See.... odd situations. It's not that we can't be civil with one another. Wecertainly can. But why put myself in that situation? Oh, right. A china cabinet.

Well, the china cabinet is here, the old one gone and so is the ex. I can only hope my sanity returns from it's Mexican vacation sometime soon. First my immune system, then my sanity. When do I get a mexican vacation ;-) I could use a marga....oh wait... an italian vacation with some nice wine!


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