Monday, June 20, 2005

I feel the need to apologize...

Surprisingly enough, I'm apologizing to the male population. I'd suggest writing this down, but I seem to be doing that for you.

I just took for granted that planning stuff was easy, guys. I really should know better because every time I have family come to town, we end up doing the same thing - sitting around the house asking each other what we want to do. No one ever knows what they want to do, and I really should've considered planning Stuff. Stuff being a general term for "things to do." Or, even better, "things to see and do."

And now I'm trying to do just that. Plan Stuff. My family has announced their intention to be around on the long weekend - hmmm, give me a second, I need to check on the ETA of certain red furniture....


July 15th. Yikes. Yep, 2 full months to receive furniture. Which means that on the long weekend, I'll be short furniture.

But a more immediate concern... this weekend and trying to plan Stuff for Saturday. I figured coffee would work. Starbucks tends to be a favorite destination. And while I love their Iced passion tea, without heading to Whyte ave or a chapters, a Starbucks can be an elusive critter. And I'm not a fan of trying to park along Whyte Ave, or near Whyte ave. So I search the locations of Starbucks' Canadian cousin - Second Cup. Hoping that my coffee companion isn't a coffee bigot. :-) Don't laugh. I know some. The result - I've decided perhaps a scouting trip to the south side is in order. My memory fails me and I rarely head down that way.

Next up selecting a dining destination. Sigh. Again, my knowledge of the south side is weak at best. I throw together a few of my favorites, and toss out the ones that will be busy (O'Byrne's on Whyte), too expensive (Jack's Grill, sawmill, moose factory), and lacking imagination (Sawmill, moose factory). The good news - it whittles my list down to one option. The bad news, Italian. I've barely saved it from the "lacking imagination" category based on it's relative obscurity. However busy could end up being a problem as it is regularly packed by those who do know of it.

So back to square one. Still lacking a coffee shop and dinner destination. Does one lose points for predictability? How about lacking imagination? :) And the obvious question - would I judge anyone else on these standards? Nope.

Am I thinking about this too much. Yep. Waaaaaaaaaayyyyy too much. Yep. I need a hobby.


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