Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Project is COMPLETE

Woo hoo :) I'm doing mental cartwheels right now. Just finish testing the last of the functionality required for my project and it works :) :) :)

Mental cartwheels are required as real ones would be dangerous in a cube farm... There is the serious threat of a domino effect. Heh heh... domino effect... notes... yeah, ok, that's probably only funny to notes geeks. (The product is technically called Lotus Notes/Domino)

a week and a half of formal testing because I'm the first to agree that a developer should NEVER, EVER test their own work.

Hmm, nothing else to say. My mind is completely blank other than, well, shouts of joy which just aren't replicable over the web. Replicable? Is that a word? Heck, I'd never used replicate until I started working with Notes. I shudder to think I once sent an email to the sales guys at Noteable letting them know I hadn't managed to make Notes replication work on people. Sheesh, I thought I did well with the whole bar coding thing, which really wasn't all that complex when I got right down to it. Ok, it was dead easy. Hmmm, bar coding. That would've been interesting for patient care reports... But the Disa aster Managementpp we were working on - pretty much a toe tag db is what was explained to me - bar coding would've been sweet for that. All right, that's a touch morbid for my mood right now.

Wow, what did I have for lunch to make me this giddy? Oh, right... finished the project. :)


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