Friday, June 10, 2005

Drowned Rat

I love the rain, I love walking in the rain. I don't love it so much coming back from lunch on a Friday without an umbrella when I've left my rain jacket at work. And not a gentle little sprinkle. Nope, downpour. Great big drops. My mistake for wandering so far from the office. 4 blocks to BP's. A nice little stroll when it's sunny out. A soggy walk today.

So now I'm the drowned rat of the floor. At least I'm not wearing a white shirt. I'd be tempted to just go home for the day if it didn't involve another walk in the rain. Might as well dry out a bit before I get wet again. Heck of a day to wear jeans. But, I need to go before I start cursing my curly hair.


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