Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Errors, errors everywhere

I have NO idea what happened overnight, but apparently I've lost any previous ability I had to write code. Today, I've seen sooooo many errors (created by me) that I'm not even sure where to begin. I started with a "Illegal parenthesized function" error. Which was refreshingly new to me. I've never coded into that particular one before. Which means it took me a few minutes to recover from it.

From there, I went right into "Illegal property call" errors. Everywhere. I think every piece of code I attempted to debug today involved that beauty. It's another one I rarely see, although today I made up for it.

And what would a day of coding be without a few of my tried and true favorites. "Type Mismatch" and "Object Variable Not Set" both came to visit me today. In fact, much like my morning intervention, they tag teamed me. I'd get an "OVNS" error fixed only to run my code and get a "type mismatch." And back and forth we went.

I now seem to be error free. Well, in code at least. And taking a much needed mental break before tackling the UI changes I need to make. I hate the user interface. Code I can make pretty. I always have trouble making the screens pretty.

Wow, since when did I have so much to say? And the real question, does anyone really care? I've gotta stop this two posts a day stuff. People might come to expect it ALL the time.


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