Friday, June 03, 2005

I'm so happy I could cry

All right - this is a rather sad statement on my life, but here goes...

Today, my coworker gave me code he'd built to allow a user to select more than one name from a Notes name and address book. Since this was the last big functionality pieced I needed to add and today was my deadline (I won't even start on the project timelines...), I was more than a little grateful. Consider that the way I was going with it had a flaw I discovered about 15 minutes ago (sigh, bad planning on that one), I was in a bit of trouble.

but now, I might actually make my deadline without working this weekend...

Oh wait. Still missing two little data elements. Perhaps Sask Smurf ran away with them. Where is that little green...

Just a little note... when you want to test code, make sure you a) save the code you want to test and b) refresh the design in the test environment.


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