Monday, May 30, 2005

Permanently scarred

Or at least some of my belongings are. Like this move wasn't memorable enough for all the wrong reasons, we now get to add the loss and or damage of 3 pieces of furniture.

Moving day dawned bright and sunny. I had the last minute addition of Dad to the moving team so I took him and the cats up to the new place. The cats got to stay to be out of the way when moving out of the old house. Dad got the grand tour and then we went for breakfast before the move.

Friday night, I had a last minute call from a good friend. Unfortunately her boyfriend was ill and if he didn't come with her she didn't have much of a place to stay, and the a box didn't sound that appealing to her. So I was down to four movers. Still not a big deal, I thought.

So, after breakfast saturday morning, Dad headed off to wash his truck before we started moving. My ex showed up and he and I discussed taking the china cabinet apart for the move. He felt it was unnecessary (you probably see where this is going). So, into Dad's truck went the china cabinet. Apparently the two of them had the same discussion and decided against taking the time to take it apart. My desk and dresser were put behind the china cabinet and dad's truck was full. Onto the quad trailer went the two beds, on top of which went the table, upside down to prevent scratches, that was all strapped down and more furniture and boxes added. My two night tables found their way into the back of an SUV and my car stayed at the old place while we went to the new place.

We didn't even make the yellowhead before the wind took care of separating the china cabinet. The desk valiantly took the hit, saving my dresser from flying wood and glass. Well, mostly. There are a couple marks, but if you don't know, you'd never notice it. So, we picked up the pieces, left them on the side of the road for when we returned and headed out again.

Somehow we managed to make it uneventfully down the yellowhead and way, way, way north. This is when the final damage happened. My ex was backing the trailer up into the garage and he couldn't see the table real well. Dad tried to stop him, but it was too late - the table legs didn't fit in the garage. So, my table now has 2 legs. The other two ripped out in a horrible tragedy. Ok, so that's fixable. So I will have a table eventually.

Honestly, the pieces of furniture I lost weren't huge losses. The china cabinet was nice, and handy to have, but it was an old one my parents gave me when they didn't use it anymore. It certainly wasn't expensive or unique in any way. The desk was due for replacement anyway. In fact, the replacement is scheduled, I'm just working on delivery. Need at truck to get to hinton to pick it up. Oh, and once I'm back, some help moving it from the truck to the house would be good too.

The table, I only had because neither of us wanted it and I figured it saved me having to buy one right away. It'll do it's job - keeping my from hitting my head on the dining room light as I walk through.

Worse things could've happened - an accident, someone getting hurt, stuff like that. And I'm very relieved that nothing did. So, I'm all moved in with just the odd scratch, dent and shattered glass door :) Next up - internet, cable and phone service. Woo Hoo.


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