Thursday, May 19, 2005

Mr. Toastmaster, Fellow Toastmasters....

Yikes... well, that's my first meeting out of the way. I even had to speak (gasp!).

First we go around the table and introduce ourselves. The Toastmaster had a little question we had to answer as part of our introduction...If you were king or queen for a day what would you do. Well, I was partway through the introductions and by the time we got to me, disease, hunger, poverty and world peace had all been conquered. So...I'd make sure everyone got to learn how to curl. And that's a better answer than go shopping! In hindsight I maybe should've gone with something education related...but oh well.

And I actually had to participate in the meeting. Yup, second table topics speaker. He introduces the quote he wants someone to talk about - one by Napoleon Bonaparte. My thought "wow, I pity the poor person who gets THIS quote." Oh, wait...that's me...I'm Erin. I've since blocked the actual quote I had to speak on.

Well, OK, it wasn't THAT bad. Up I stand, greet the members of the group and start chatting away about how a throne is only a bench covered in velvet. I was doing pretty good until my mind went absolutely blank about 30 seconds in. I still managed to recover and talk for just over a minute. Go Erin!

I agree with Glen, the toastmaster beside me...that's a freakin' long minute! Didn't help that I was sitting across from my teammate Terry who got a grin on his face when I lost my train of thought. He wasn't supposed to enjoy my discomfort quite so much.

And, as a quick little update on my blog and the current look of it. It is going to be going away as I am working on an improved one. I'm just struggling with learning CSS right now and I'm not going to be working on it this weekend. So.... it's gonna have to wait just a little longer. It's something a bit more me though. Ha, there we go, a reason to keep coming back - see what kind of purty web stuff I can do. The writing isn't getting any better.


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