Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It's time to write again

Stress, lack of sleep, too much going on. Made me make a fool of myself last night. Again.

I think my cats must've been chasing one another and the sound of them running up and down the stairs woke me up, in my semi-awake state, I coulda swore someone was in the house. So up I get, grabbing the sheet off the bed to cover myself apparently and also grabbing the phone. At some point I clearly called 911 because I remember getting to explain to the operator I thought I had someone in the house but it must've been the cats.

I still got to talk to an RCMP dispatcher, just in case. So, I got to explain myself a second time. I went back to bed and all my blankets were on the floor - probably happened when I dragged the sheet off the bed earlier. Of course this is when I realized I was wearing a sheet. I managed to get the bed put back together and turned off the light. I barely remember getting back into bed, much less falling asleep. Sheesh, there was a time when I'd just wake up the ex when I woke up after a weird dream. Not anymore. Now 911 gets a phone call. Sheesh.

Next week I move. This week I got to finalize my bridge financing, and I'm STILL waiting for my insurance. Nice that she's prompt with the paperwork. My ex is driving me nuts, and work....well... I haven't been getting a whole lot done so that's not helping the old stress levels.


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