Tuesday, May 03, 2005

That special cause

Most of us have a cause that we believe in and support without thought. Well, the normal, caring, humane folks among us anyway. For me, it's critters. And I count myself very lucky that I now work for a company that believes wholeheartedly in community involvement. Our EH&S policies promote things like donating blood and first aid training. When the tsunami hit, the company agreed to match employee donations to the Red Cross. It's involved in the United Way (no matter what your opinion is of the organization).

And they have an amazing program in place to encourage employees to volunteer for their favorite causes. If I volunteer 60 hours with any organizations throughout the year, my company will donate $200 to a charity of my choice.

The charity of my choice is easily NASAP. I've fostered animals for them and regularly volunteer for adoptions days as well as acting as a member of the Homeless Animals Day committee last year.

Speaking of fosters... Bud was my last foster dog. And yes, that's exactly where you'd find him at any given time - right beside me. I cried when he was adopted and I only had him for 5 days. Yes...I'm a suck. Who could fault me - when my ex came home from Houston, Bud didn't want to let him in the house. Same thing the next day when he came home from work. I had a guard dog.

And finally, as one last little piece of evidence supporting my insanity...take a look at Catman Cat Furniture and just try to guess which piece of furniture I'll be adding to the new place for my own two critters.


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