Monday, April 25, 2005

ow ow ow ow OW

Another gorgeous day, another dumbassed idea for Erin. I packed myself a lunch this morning, a pretty darned good lunch at that - ham and swiss sammich, some yogurt, some pineapple. With the forecast calling for 24 and sunny skies, I figured a little wander over to the edge of the river valley was definitely in order. A perfect day combined with a need to get out of the office for a bit to think and make decisions. So far so good, right? Peace, quiet, sun and a nice breeze. And a pair of the least comfortable sandals ever inflicted on a woman.

My girly side took over when I bought them. They're pretty and they go with a lot of the clothes I own. The heel on them isn't too high for my klutzy self. All in all a surprisingly good fashion decision made by yours truly. And they are wonderful sandals - if you don't plan on walking very far.

Today, I made the not-so-fatal mistake of wandering not only to the edge of the river valley, but after lunch I extended my trip slightly. I knew I should've switched to my hikers before I took off.

But, I managed to think through a couple of my decisions as well as talk myself out of a bit of the fear of doing this on my own. Tonight I'm meeting with my realtor to make an offer on my first choice of condos. 1400 sq feet of space for myself and the cats. A gorgeous ensuite with a soaker tub, ceramic tile, 2 bedrooms and a double garage in a very nice community. The remaining question is when I want possession. It's vacant with a 15 day, negotiable possession. I think May 9 is a bit early for me, but I guess we'll see what happens. How fast can I really pack up all my stuff?

That decision made, hopefully I can get some sleep tonight. Between the condo, the cats, and the county cleaning the streets last night, I doubt I got better than 5 hours of much interrupted sleep. Heh, that and wondering not only how I managed to get a second date with that guy, but what I can do to top my amazing lack of grace.


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