Monday, April 18, 2005

Waiting for an offer

Well, another weekend, another bunch of people through the house. The good news, one realtor has called mine twice since to make sure the house is still available. He thinks his clients are wanting to make an offer on it. I just hope it's a reasonable offer.

Of course, then I have work to do. I have to find a place to buy. Or rent. Or decide what I want to do with my life. A friend suggested that because my grandfather was born in scotland I could potentially get UK citizenship. So I looked into it (hey, the javascript course covered what I'd already learned working with it!). The bad news, only first generation descendants are eligible for it. I can't remember now if the rule had recently been changed or not. However, I can get a 4 year work permit if I have an offer from a UK company. So there's another option for me. The problem - it appears tech jobs in the UK are lower paying. $27,000 pounds/year for the one developer position I looked at. So we're not just talking help desk staff being low paid.

So, it looks like my little chicken butt is going to be staying in Canada for the time being. I've been keeping my eye on real estate in the city and in the park and I just haven't found anything I'd be happy with in my price range. So, do I lower my standards so I can buy somehting now? Or do I suck it up and move in with the newfie for a year and save up for a down payment. And some travelling. Can't beat the rent he's charging. Pay off my car and I'll have some extra cash. It's just another option, I guess.

I went out to a movie last night. A real nice guy here in the park who's just getting separated. And it was probably one of the best dates I've had. The guy, surprisingly, wasn't looking for sex. When we talked he said he was looking for friendship. So I went, I wasn't going to just because it's sooo recent for him. Oh yeah, and they're still sharing the same house lol. We went for a drink, caught a movie and just had fun. First time I've ever been in an empty theatre. I don't see this being anything more than a friendship, at least for the next little while...but I did enjoy his company.

But, I've got me a day off to go waste. Hmm, sleep or read? Don't worry, I'll get out this afternoon - car needs an oil change and my winter tires taken off before I head south next weekend.


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