Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Saskatchewan Smurf

AKA Sask Smurf, Rider Smurf, Gapper Smurf, and that little green *&^%$#!. Sask Smurf is a result of too much imagination and a need to describe that pounding one gets in one's head after a night of drinking too much. It all began when a friend told me to get rid of the smurf kicking the inside of his head. He likes to bug me about being from Saskatchewan, so that smurf quickly turned green and put on a Roughrider's jersey.

He has since starred in many creative discussions between the two of us, and I felt I should explain his presence before he ends up in a posting. I wouldn't want anyone to think I see small green and white smurfs running around in...or out of...Riders jerseys. Now...where'd that pink elephant go. I hate pink.


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