Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I just can't resist posting this...

I have a religious nut that bugs me on MSN once in awhile. Well, ok, pretty much every second day. Normally I'll play with the mental midget for 10 minutes or so then get bored and go back to work. Today... well, today was special. And quite funny. In the interest of protecting his identity, his name/email address has been replaced with "The Nut" It's an accurate description of him. As for my responses in this...I do like messing with his head. A lot.

Well, ok, it could be possible that this is ONLY funny to me based on previous interactions with him. Guess I should add the comment on his search for wealth is prompted by his username at the time which indicated he was moving to a foreign country to get paid big money. Previous interactions have also revealed his focus on wealth as well as his anger toward women. I wish I had some of them to post in addition to this, but I cleaned up my logs yesterday.

[09:51] The Nut: hi
[09:51] giggles: hi
[09:51] The Nut: how are you today?
[09:52] giggles: I'm good, you?
[09:52] The Nut: pretty good
[09:52] The Nut: I am moving tommorow
[09:52] giggles: I see that by your name. Won't your cougar miss you?
[09:52] The Nut: she is going to come and visit me
[09:53] giggles: I see
[09:53] giggles: you're far too focused on the material things in life and money
[09:53] The Nut: lol
[09:53] giggles: you might be happier if you stopped pursuing riches so much
[09:54] The Nut: well thank-your your input, but honestly i didn't ask for it, so please keep your opinions about my happiness to yourself,lol
[09:54] giggles: just a comment
[09:55] giggles: it might make you less suspicious about the motives of the women you date. And to be honest, I've never asked you to comment on my social life or morals.
[09:55] giggles: so fair's fair
[09:55] The Nut: lmao
[09:55] giggles: as long as you feel free to pray for me... I'll feel free to comment on your obvious materialism
[09:55] The Nut: lol
[09:55] giggles: which is typically in direct conflict with most religious teachings
[09:56] The Nut: no, Jesus was a rich man
[09:56] giggles: but did he expect all his followers to be rich as well?
[09:56] The Nut: yes
[09:56] giggles: what fucked up religion are you following
[09:56] giggles: one must be rich to worship your god. sad
[09:56] The Nut: Christianity, and please don't say that
[09:56] The Nut: no
[09:57] The Nut: God will make me rich
[09:57] giggles: well, I'm afraid I can't be christian then, as I prefer to worship something more substantial than the allmighty dollar
[09:57] The Nut: yes, so do i
[09:57] giggles: And I tend to be generous and give my money to causes that need it more than I
[09:57] giggles: as well as my time
[09:57] The Nut: The Lord Jesus
[09:57] giggles: who expects you to seek out materialistic things according to you
[09:58] The Nut: no, but he blesses me
[09:58] The Nut: financially
[09:58] giggles: And typically Jesus is the son of God
[09:58] The Nut: cuz i give alot of money to him
[09:58] giggles: uhhhh huh
[09:58] giggles: well, you keep it up
[09:58] The Nut: i will
[09:58] The Nut: cuz I am on my way to being a millionaire
[09:59] The Nut: by the time i am 30
[09:59] giggles: everyone has goals
[09:59] giggles: if you feel that's appropriate for you... by all means
[09:59] The Nut: well I am halfway there
[10:00] giggles: I'm almost thirty and not overly close at all. I find I'm happier without the stress of trying to reach an artificial goal financially. Especially considering I'd never enjoy that money if all I am concerned with is accumulating it.
[10:00] giggles: I prefer to live my life and be happy now, than expect a number to bring me happiness
[10:00] The Nut: well i know women spend money
[10:00] giggles: nice
[10:01] giggles: you know nothing of me
[10:01] The Nut: so i make lots for my future wife
[10:01] giggles: or my spending habits. So perhaps you should avoid gender based attacks
[10:01] The Nut: lol
[10:02] giggles: and accept the fact that I am a successful woman who is happy and independant. Perhaps it's that I seek happiness that god has granted me with that gift instead of the gift of paper, an artificial currency developed by man, that typically is considered the root of all evil.
[10:02] The Nut: no the love of money is, get it right,lol
[10:02] giggles: right
[10:03] giggles: one and the same for me
[10:03] giggles: as for someone who's primary goal in life is the accumulation of money, I would suggestion you have a distinct love of money
[10:03] The Nut: lol
[10:03] giggles: yup, lol usually means you have no response for what I've said
[10:04] The Nut: no, if you were smart, you would know it means I am laughing out loud at you,;)
[10:04] giggles: I am typically considered above average intelligence so attempting to insult me based on that is ridiculous
[10:05] giggles: please, laugh at me all you wish.
[10:05] The Nut: yes, trust me I have, your very entertaining,lol
[10:05] giggles: I will live a much less stressed life than you, in my quest for true joy instead of an artificial joy created by the pursuit of cash.
[10:06] giggles: Tis ok, you are quite entertaining as well. as far as religious folk with no clue of what they're really worshipping go.
[10:07] The Nut: lol, yeah, well all your new names are entertaining too,cuz, I see how unstable you are, and how you hate your ex! When in all reality he is probably a nice guy, but you treated him like crap so he dumped you,
[10:09] giggles: erm, my names have never referenced my ex in any way as he and I still correspond daily on MSN. He is a very nice guy, and the reasons for the separation and future divorce are none of your business. Ditto with who is the leaver in the situation. I'm happy with the decisions made and at peace with the situation.
[10:10] giggles: again, your attempts to insult me are quite amusing, but far from the intended mark.
[10:10] The Nut: yeah I will let all your future lovers do a better job,lol
[10:10] The Nut: ;)
[10:11] giggles: I'm not sure what that comment is meant to be. And I'm sure they'll do a better job than you in several areas.
[10:12] giggles: how does "Giggles" show that I'm bitter? Or..."I am SUCH a geek"?
[10:12] The Nut: lol, well you will never know, because I don't date girls like you
[10:12] giggles: like what? honest, hardworking, moral women?
[10:12] giggles: that's your choice
[10:12] giggles: you may be less angry at the female population if you reconsidered the women you date
[10:13] The Nut: well you never gave me a chance
[10:13] giggles: but you don't date women like me.
[10:13] The Nut: well i might have been pleasantly surprised,lol
[10:13] giggles: And you wrecked your own chance when you had your little temper tantrum. I dated an abusive man for 3 years. That was plenty for a lifetime
[10:13] The Nut: he probably kept you in line,lol
[10:14] giggles: yup, another christian attitude
[10:14] giggles: laughing at the abuse of a woman
[10:14] giggles: you are indeed a prize better left at the bottom of the cereal box

Ok the last part is quite frightening actually. He has a scary attitude toward the treatment of women. Not that it surprises me, tended to show up in previous discussions.

Well, anyway, hope you enjoy my little bit of daily insanity. Might as well share the fun


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