Friday, March 25, 2005

Sleep.... I need sleep

This is ridiculous. I was in bed by 9pm last night and sleeping shortly after. I didn't get up until 9 this morning. And I'm still tired. Which means I'm still sick. So, it's a good thing I stayed in Edmonton. If A is right, I'll probably be back on antibiotics, like the girl he works with. And she's still sick. Lovely. I have been told that rest is pretty much the only way to get rid of this so I'll be having a nap later.

Before my date :) Ok, so it's just another date with A. Which means it may or may not be a date with him. And I can pretty much guarantee he likes me. The guy talks to me online daily and calls almost as much. But when it comes to actually making plans with me...not so reliable. Annoying, but, well, I'm starting to figure out that my separation is a bigger problem than I'd ever thought it would be. But only 7 months left until I can finalize the divorce. Stupid divorce laws. But, it's either do the year separation, or go into court and lie. I don't like lying when I'm NOT under oath. Lying in court would just be wrong. And I already feel more than guilty enough about the whole situation. Well, it's more of just feeling like a failure. Never have liked failing. Never done it much either.

But hey, I had a weird dream again last night. Which means I'm stressed. At least it didn't involve snakes or anything as far as I know. I did wake up kneeling on the floor looking under the bed. Wish I knew what I was looking for...

Just means I need to find a creative outlet. And clearly this blog isn't enough. Probably because it's not so much a creative outlet as just an outlet. More of a journal of what happens to me daily. A place to vent when I need to, which hasn't been nearly as much as I figured it would be. Ah well....I guess I'm just not angry and bitter enough yet.

Hard to be angry or bitter when I come home and someone's shovelled my snow. I think it might have been Bob next door, but the shoe prints looked way too small for a guy. They were about the same size as mine, so maybe it was Shari... Hard to know who to thank for it when I don't know who did it. But I do appreciate it.

Ok, mindless babble done. I'm going to bed.


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