Tuesday, March 22, 2005

First day back to work

My first day back at work is over. What a long day. I just couldn't get into the work I was supposed to do. Then I got sleepy which is what started all of this. Time to face the fact I'm not a morning person and 7:30 am is just too early to expect myself to have my butt at my desk at work.

In fact, I am SO not a morning person, I caught the wrong bus out of downtown tonight. At least I managed to properly identify the gorgeous white, silver & maroon markings of a Sherwood Park...errr... Strathcona County bus. I just mistook the 403 for a 413. Ones and zeros, I should be good with them.

It only put me slightly off course, landing me at the south Transit Centre rather than the norht park and ride. Luckily, at night, my local bus starts its trip from the Transit Centre. Another lucky break, it's parking spot is immediately ahead of the 403 limiting the searching I'd have to do to find it. Go Erin!

This also means I can now take the 401 from downtown should I get to Telus befroe it does. The remaining question is how much longer this trip will take. As I write this from the back of the 407L. Pen and paper, almost relaxing, if it weren't for writer's cramp.

Well, here I am home. It took no longer, in fact, I ended up on the 407L with the people I would normally leave downtown with. So really, not such a bad trade off. The 401 might even let me catch a slightly earlier 407L. Hmmm, my little screw-up might actually get me home earlier. And on a bus with Lawrence....never hurts to get to know management better.


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