Thursday, March 17, 2005

My week as a cat

Should I ever look at my cats and say "I'd give anything to live like a cat"... kick me. Really. Really hard even. I know I just said it not that long ago. Umm like... Sunday as I looked at Bailey crashed out in front of the fire toasting herself. Today, as I curled up in the sun on the couch with Tigger I realized I had what I wanted. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. And it sucks. No wonder my critters sleep all the time, they have nothing else to do. Well other than chase each other up and downstairs. Oh, it also explains why Bailey chases her food and right now is eating soft food with her paws. She's got nothing better to do.

I've considered possibly leaving the TV on during the day, but let's be honest, if they aren't loony now, daytime TV will do it for them. Although I'm quite happy that I'll be home on Monday to see the Osbournes on Dr. Phil. If you can't be, might I suggest taping it? C'mon, what could be funnier than that? Nuff said.

I never thought I'd say this, but I have stuff that needs to be done. Both at work and around here. None of it is getting done because even going up stairs prompts fits of coughing that make me want to kick my dr's ass for not thinking I might need a decent cough syrup while I recover from this. Apparently they exist with codeine in them... and I'm stuck with over the counter crap that really does nothing. And that is SO not cherry flavored. I'd probably be just as well off drinking the syrup from a bottle of marachino cherries. At least it would taste better.

When I get healthy, I am soooo going out for sushi (hmmm, raw fish, perhaps my cats and I have too much in common). Well, healthy or not, I'm going out in April to help G and S celebrate their respective birthdays with sushi (mmmm Matsuya sushi) and hopefully something after that besides bed. Sad isn't it, that the prosepect of raw fish and a night out has me this happy?


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