Friday, March 11, 2005

Sugar and spice...about being nice

Well, there it is. Nice. Isn't that what all little girls should be? Sugar and spice and everything nice. Don't offend. Follow the rules and meet expectations.

Well...that's me. I hate hurting people. I've spent my life camoflaging whatever backbone I might have in an effort to blend, conform and just be a nice person. Because really, shouldn't we want everyone to like us all the time?

Well, I'm learning now that isn't the person I like. OK, I can make the rest of the world happy, and I've been trying to for far too many years. But at what cost? Making the rest of the world happy is only costing me in the long run. So now I need to seek that balance. Make others happy, but in doing so...make me happy. Stop giving in and letting myself be hurt just so I can please someone else.

I have friends who are trying to teach me to be evil. One is my cat, Tigger. He's a grey tabby and basically he's only in this for himself. If I forget to fill that food bowl before I climb into bed, there's no way I'm getting any sleep. Sure, after that bowl is filled, he curls up by my head and purrs until he and I both fall asleep. And if that bowl is filled when I go to bed after curling, he crawls under the covers and helps me warm my butt up. When I'm sick, he curls up on me and makes sure I don't move. When I need a hug, he snuggles right up to me and makes sure I know I'm not alone. LOL, maybe I should stop my search for the perfect guy. If only Tigg were able to cook and clean. And a little less hairy...


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