Friday, March 11, 2005

My first rant...I'm so proud.

Well, hi there.

Hmmm, I took the time to set up this blog and get started with a great rant...then the blank page and an equally blank mind. What to write about? Will anyone read it? Will anyone care? Do I care? But since I was looking forward to my first rant... here it is.

Pink. I'm not sure who decided pink was a color, and even worse that it ever should be made into an article of clothing, but it's everywhere. I went out at lunch in search of some retail therapy - I need lots, but can only afford so little - and all I found were shelves coated in pepto-bismol tinted clothing. Apparently once the fashion gods have determined the acceptable "color" range for the year, we must all conform to that and buy candy colored pieces of fabric that at best look acceptable on little girls.

Then again, with little girls dressing...far too provocatively, I'm left to wonder why, at age 30, I find myself thinking the same things I'm sure my parents thought when I flipped through 80's fashion magazines... "there's no way in hell I'd allow a child of mine to wear that kind of clothing!" So perhaps it's a good thing that I have no children (more on THAT later).

Back to pink and the fashion gods. Shockingly enough, people are different. We have different coloring and not all colors look good on all people. As consumers we need to stop believing that who we are is determined by the color of clothing we wear. Perhaps when that day comes, and I'm shopping for something that looks good on ME, I'll be able to find something in red or navy or any other dark color. Something that makes me look great instead of washed out and just another cookie cutter version of what someone thinks is "in" for the season. I refuse to buy pink, wear pink and even the horribly bright versions of orange and turquoise that are one the shelves make me wonder what women are thinking.

Perhaps I should cave and join a friend of mine in Luau Fridays. Break out the hawaiian shirts and get lei'd. I'm fairly certain I haven't seen a pink hawaiian shirt...recently.


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