Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Under house arrest

Or at least I might as well be. I'm a social person. Hanging out at home all day...driving me nuts. I'm stuck with messenger as my only method of contact with other people. And they're all at work. So guess what...I'm going to type here. Lots.

Tonight I had to cancel on my curling team. That was hard to do, but sometimes things have to be done. I went over anyway to do the banquet stuff and make sure all of that was done. So I bought a 50/50 ticket cause I was there anyway. And I won. LOL, a week late on that...Brier 50/50's averaged $8000. I won....$28.50. Woo hoo. Which means I'm buying drinks on Friday at the banquet. Yes I'm going. Maybe I shouldn't, but I am. There are worse things I could do.

Speaking of worse things to do - went to my lawyer today to sign my separation agreement. Also got served with divorce papers which are being filed at the same time. Wasn't a surprise. Just kinda weird seeing that. But, hey, it's all done now. It's what I wanted, just a surreal feeling. Imagine this... my lawyer's dad was from Unity. LOL, lately I've been meeting far too many people who know where it is to start with. Not to mention being from there.

I think I'm going to go do some shopping this weekend. I'm hoping to find a new computer desk. This one is really old (not in a cool "antique" way) and falling apart. I am hoping to find something that fits into the antique look. Something with a bit of personality...just like me. It's interesting trying to figure out what that personality is. I went to Home Sense on my way home, looking for a new comforter for my bed. Something that's not just a plain green. Until I finish my quilt (which isn't going to happen until someone buys this house). I can't wait to finish that, it's going to look incredible! But maybe a queen sized quilt was a bit big for my first project. But I never start small. That's just too easy.

Wow, I'm easily distracted. Ok, so... Home Sense. I found NOTHING I liked for my bedroom. Some cool furniture, but a) I had my car and b) no point buying furniture for a house I'm moving out of. Well that and apparently my ex won't take over payments on the boat until we sell the house and pay off the line of credit. Which means....I've go NO extra money right now. I still have to pay for my trip to halifax. He's getting 3x the tax return I'm getting and he won't pay the &^%$ing boat loan. HIS boat loan.

Ok, didn't want to rant on that tonight. So Easter's coming up. If I'm still sick I shouldn't go home because the last thing I want to do is infect the little guy. But I do need to take home his easter bunny. I'm the evil aunt. Spoiling the little guy. But everyone needs an easter bunny, right?

Well, enough babbling from me for the night. I'm going to go absolutely nuts staying home this week. I know I need to rest and all that, but geez. It's funny the things you take for granted in life.


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