Sunday, March 13, 2005

I hate being sick

For the past month, I've been sick. Not just a little cough and sniffle. Sick. Now, I'm never sick. Never. Since I got my degree I can count the number of sick days I've taken. And I'm fairly certain the total for the past 8 years won't add up to the past month.

My problem? I just started a new job. I've been there less than three months. It's not a great time for me to be sick constantly. I thought I was over it. Coulda swore I was. Even had my voice back yesterday. LOL, I spent a week without a voice. How about that. Me...unable to talk. Worth a laugh, isn't it? Can I afford to call in sick again tomorrow? God, I know what I'd think - faking sick days to get some time off. But I'm not. I swear it. I would so rather be healthy and working than feeling like this!

Anyway, this morning at 9:30, my realtor calls to let me know someone wants to see the house at 11am. And I had no voice again at first and felt like I'd been hit by a truck, or a freight train. But, my parents are here and I've gotta get out of the house anyway so off we go for breakfast. Well, that was a bad idea. No appetite. Zero. Now, if you know me...that's odd. I enjoy a good meal, even better if it's french toast. MMmmmmmm french toast. But not today.

Now, I'm tired of this. It's been a month. I've taken 7 days off work for this crap and that's enough. Not to mention the mess it's making in some parts of my social life. People tend to avoid those who are sick. Can't say I blame them, to be honest.

I even tried going to a walk in clinic today. 45 min - an hour wait in a waiting room full of kids. Little walking, sniffling sources of even more illness. And it's clear my immune system is on vacation. Probably down in Mexico somewhere laughing at me. Sipping Margaritas and dancing on the tables. It is my own fault, I did put a lot of pressure on it to keep me healthy when I clearly wasn't interested in doing it on my own. It deserved the vacation, a little warning would've been nice though. And at least a post card. Maybe a sombrero and SOME indication when it'll be back preventing me from catching every bug that comes within 50 paces of me.


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