Sunday, March 13, 2005

Realtors, familly and the search for MY perfect house

I'm tired of trying to sell my house. Yes, you may see a pattern here. I am tired tonight ;) Frustrated. Wanting to move on, but stuck where I am.

I found a house. A perfect little house for me. It's a wonderful 1.5 storey house in the SE. Not a bad area, original hardwood floors, a lot of work done on it. Perfect for me, if a bit small. But it's just me, and right now it's going to be just me for awhile. So do I need a huge house? Hell, I hate cleaning. It'll be nice to have 1 bathroom instead of three. The kitchen is a little small, compared to what I'm used to, but I think it would still be good. I just love the style of house.

But, apparently I'm wrong. It's old - 1947, if I remember right. Only two bedrooms so what will my family do if my brother AND parents come up at the same time. Well, let's see. If they'd like to consider my place their own personal hotel, I can charge per night and afford a better house for them. This is one thing I'm sure of. I love that old style of house. With the bedrooms in the "attic." Nice cozy little rooms with the slanted ceilings. So yes, it is the style of house I like. AND the style of house I'll buy if I can find one in my price range in decent shape. This one was both, even if it's at the top of my price range.

Now, Selling my house. Realtors call and I leave so they can come by and see the place. Sometimes they show, sometimes they apparently don't. But so one has offered on this house. Which I find disappointing and a small surprise. I love this house. It may not be my style, but it's a good house and the yard is amazing. OK, so all of the work was done by my ex, myself and our families. But still. It's pretty impressive overall. And not a lot of maintenance overall. It can't be too overpriced because a lot of people still come to see it. And the house is only 5 years old. So it's not like it's falling apart at the seams or anything.

But realtors complain that it backs onto cloverbar road. Well, let me tell you, that is one dead road most of the time. Sure there's some traffic during rush hour, but overall it's pretty quiet. I've had complaints about the cats, and even one realtor claim the house is a "real mess." Ok, I was home SICK that day. Sorry I had a cup of tea on the floor in the living room and a blanket on the couch. Trust me, after my trip looking at houses, that's NOTHING.

I looked at one 1.5 storey house over by the University. My god. The tenants never bothered leaving. There were dirty socks on the floor in the living room and sinks full of dishes. The bathroom mirror was a shard of whatever mirror existed there previously. But cat hair is a problem in MY house. Sheesh.

But hey, good news, another realtor showing the house tomorrow between 11:30 and 12:30, which means should I stay home from work again, I need to be out of the house for an hour again. Perfect when I get lightheaded and have a fever. Maybe I'll get a dr's appt during that time.

Until I have a good offer on this house, my realtor doesn't see the point of me putting an offer on any other houses. Which is fine, because there's only so long I can hold a house pending the sale of my house. But still. I'm ready to start moving on. It's time for me to start getting a fresh start, and having my own house is a big step in that.

On Wednesday, I go to the lawyer to go over the separation agreement and sign it. Another big step in starting over. This week could be a long week the way things are shaping up. I hope I'm healthy for the weekend so I can go out and do stuff instead of sitting here sick all the time.


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