Thursday, March 17, 2005


Wow. One little word. Well, two, because you need to clarify the kind of cancer. Thyroid cancer. My brother, father to a new baby boy, has cancer again. For a third time. But, hey, it's a different cancer this time. Like that should make me feel something different.

It wasn't two weeks ago he was assured it wasn't back. That it was just an infection. After all, his blood counts were normal. Ha.

Well, tonight's entry started out as an internal debate on whether I need a fresh start. I know I do. I mean...damn. Leaving my ex took a lot. Especially for someone like me which serious confidence problems. But.

Finding a job a person loves is not easy. I know, I've had several jobs, and really very few I can say I loved.

MBT - My god, my dream job. I wore jeans to work every day. Wranglers, and they fit right in. Until they wanted to move the office to Denver.

Noteable, yup, I liked that at first, but I was screwed from the start there thanks to who I knew. Odd situation that. Which reminds me, gotta let Todd, Dave and Tim know that I'm working with Bob's son now.

TransAlta - cool at first, and a better situation than noteable, but the move to edm came at a good time. Although, looking back....

Roam IT. For the first year and a half. Heaven. Great people, great environment. I would've stayed there forever. After the investors forced out the founders and brought in high priced, moronic contractors with no clue about the healthcare industry - not so much

AU - horrid place. Wouldn't go back.

Enbridge. Good team. good environment. Great boss. Pay's decent and prospects are good. Company's not going to fall off the face of the planet tomorrow. I even like what I get to do day after day. woo hoo. Who'da thunk it ;) even doing support.

At this point, I'm not ready to walk away from this job. Give me a year, maybe two and yeah, I might start getting itcy feet. At that point, when my brother is done his cancer treatments ( god I hope ) I can consider moving on and trying to find a fresh start someowhere else if I still feel that I need to.


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