Saturday, March 19, 2005

Don't waste the pretty

My friend T loves to bug me about the guys I'm dating. Apparently there's a book out there every single girl should read. The big mantra... don't waste the pretty. Or "he's just not that into you." Either way, he feels these are lessons I need to learn.

This T isn't the same T I'm in the process of divorcing. This would be Oracle DBA T. Sushi Boy, T. I can go on, but really...who cares. So...It's funny, I start dating and he tells me not to waste the pretty. Theoretically, I've been wasting the pretty for over 7 years. Bah, theoretically...

It's kinda funny, I get sick and I start getting all philosophical. Take the need for human contact. We all have it, in varying degrees, but we do all need human contact. Here's the sad part. I had one offer...ONE...for said human contact this week. Mom and Dad coming up to look after me. Just what I need. My parents here driving me nuts. I guess that sounds pretty bad huh? They're cool, really...they're just having some trouble with me being single again. Something I'm starting to get used to in the people around me.

It's funny the people who are avoiding me. My friend S. When I moved up to Edmonton 5 years ago, she and her husband were having big problems. I was there when she separated from him. Hell, I spent a week on a yoga trip with her in Jasper. Which, while fun, cost me a lot of money and wasn't really what I'd planned for my vacation that year. But...friends do that, right? She needed me and I was there. Again and again. Then they reconciled and I rarely see her anymore. And once I told her about T and I? Yikes. The one person who knows what I'm going through is hardly talking to me. It's nuts.

There's R. She is a surprise. Like the sister I never had. She's the first one to kick my ass when I need it. And the first one offering hugs when things don't quite go my way. She's also the first one trying to find out a guy's MSN address so she can threaten his life should he hurt me. I know she thinks I'm vulnerable and all that, and I probably am more than I'll ever care to admit, but threatening guys is more likely to scare them off....wait, I think I know her plan... dammit. Actually she was against me starting to date, but...well...she's seen how happy I've been so she's good with it now. I know it's been real hard for her because she doesn't agree with divorce. Which is why it meant so much when she told me she was happy for me 'cause she hadn't seen me this happy in years.

There's T, she's not so much a friend of mine as my Mom's. But a year before I left T, she left her husband, even though everyone thought she was nuts. Her divorce was final this last winter. It was really cool to get an email from her and actually have someone understand what I'm going through. And have someone tell me that I'm not doing the wrong thing. That meant a lot to me actually. She knows my ex and my family. I've always had a LOT of respect for her. So really, having her support is cool.

D and J. My two best friends from high school. D is right there behind me. She's divorced with a daughter. She's great to talk to too. J, J is never going to change. The big party girl in high school all settled down with two kids and a great husband. Not sure she understands, but she'll never question it.

Ok, how did this turn into chatting about my friends and how great they are lol. It's about I tell you. It's all about me! Oh, wait, I've got someone waiting to play crib. Gotta run. If I can't have actual human contact, I guess I've gotta live with virtual contact.


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