Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I'm clearly not bitchy enough

If nice guys finish last, I want to know where nice girls finish...

Last night I wrote an offer on a place. The one I've mentioned previously? Double garage, 2 storey, 2 bedroom, blah, blah, blah... I made my offer, my realtor called the other realtor and his client countered with a value that was still too high for me. So, I countered again. In the last year, only one other 2 bedroom has sold in this complex. And it sold earlier this month. So I countered with that amount, thinking the sane and logical in the world would accept that value. Apparently the woman I'm dealing with is neither sane nor logical. She countered again with a value slightly too high. Last night, I declined, but asked my realtor for the night to think about it.

Today, I accepted her counter offer. My people called her people and her people can neither confirm nor deny that she'll accept that amount today. I laughed. When I told my realtor I'd take it at that amount, I'd joked that I hoped she'd take it and not counter with a price OVER listing price. Her realtor isn't even sure she'll take it today. IF she does counter with a higher price, I'm walking away....or countering with my original offer then walking away. It's too bad the place is so perfect.

But hey, if I'd been bitchier selling my place maybe I would've sold it for a better price.

Want more proof I'm too nice? The medic...the unreliable one...is chatting with me yesterday and he's telling me he's not sleeping well. Having weird dreams. Same one three times, about a girl he dated in high school. Who he still "has feelings" for. WTF? It gets better...few seconds later, he asks if I'm free this weekend to go to a movie. Uhhhhhh....

Being me, I said probably.

While I'm happy with guys who want to be friends - the more friends the merrier when it comes to moving day - it's going to get really old really fast. The scary thought is that I may have walked away from the one guy in the world who wanted to be more than friends. Why is it guys prefer the high maintenance women...then complain about them all the time?


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