Wednesday, May 18, 2005

How distracting can the river valley view be?

Today - very. I want to be out there - enjoying the sun. Yesterday I really wanted to be out in the rain. That's the farm girl in me.

Everything has turned soooo green. Tonight is going to be a perfect night for a wander through some of the sherwood park parks. :) Geez, I sound like I'm stuttering. I do hope the weather holds for this weekend. Dad's turning 60... the only problem is every year older he gets, I get older too. Hard to give him a hard time about it. Especially since I'm roughly 7 months 3 days from my 30th. But who's counting...right?

Get to see some good friends of the family on Friday night. A woman mom used to teach with back in Manitoba and her husband. Then the rest of the weekend is hard labour in the greenhouse. Not sure what I did to deserve this, but I'm clearly paying for something I've done in a past life. Ah well, this time of the season is more selling stuff and having a blank look on my face when people ask about the difference between a wopper and a beefsteak tomato.... "How about some nice petunias? Marigolds? I can tell you the difference between a cayenne and a red bell pepper...." It's amazing how much I've forgotten in the past 13 years. Ah well, I'm just there for looks anyway.

Well, looks and playing with the new puppy - Tinkerbelle. Leave it to my mom. Hey, let's hope she drops that as a nickname for me now. Because it's been a few years since i've been Tinkerbelle shaped...and I've never been quite that graceful. I think she was closer when she used to call my brother and I "Mutt and Jeff." Uhhhhh. Maybe I should be insulted now.


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