Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I really should proofread this stuff

Reread my post from the other day and... well :) I didn't make much sense in a few places. Like when I talked about the old pond across the road. How does that have anything to do with water and/or changes. Allow me to finish that little thought.

When I went home, there was water in the pond. Not just a little...a lot. Like there used to be. I could see it from the house. Not only that but "the flat" had water in it too. I remember a time when we used to try to figure out if the flat would dry out during the summer. Then we wondered if it would have water in the spring.... then there wasn't a question at all. It was just dry. This year, there's water in it again.

After so many drought years, that amount of water hanging around this time of may gives a farm girl some hope. Now let's see if they can get through harvest without a frost.

So, I've gone and bought myself a house. Got the keys to it tonight and moved the first load of stuff in. Going to fill the car again tomorrow night and head over to do some unpacking. Same thing thursday night and friday nights. Friday night I'm even going to throw together a lasagne ( if everything goes as planned ) otherwise I'll be ordering pizza for my friends.

Which reminds me. This whole divorce thing sucks. Friends pick sides even though they really don't have to. I'm down to 3 movers plus my ex. Hell, my ex is coming to help. Yet people I consider friends have found better things to do. My family I have to excuse - they're all going to be busy working in the fields thanks to the recent rains that interrupted seeding. Wish they could make it, but it's better if they finish up seeding. It's some of the other people I'm a little disappointed in. But what can you do?


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