Thursday, May 26, 2005

Moving pains

I am never...ever...ever moving into a two storey place again. I had all my boxes stored in the basement at the old place so last night I made a bunch of trips to get them into my car. Got the cats in the car and off we went to the new place.

I know, I know. I'm a little weird taking the cats over, but I have a reason for this. I want them to start getting used to the place - when we're not stepping over them to move furniture. Then I take them home and it's not an abrupt change to them. Yes, I'm a suck.

Anyway, I get the critters over to the new place set them loose and move boxes in. Here's the kicker - my garage opens into the basement. So from there I had to again carry all of my boxes upstairs. I have no idea how many trips up and down stairs I made last night. I do know today my arms are killing me, as is my back after I moved all that and then unpacked 13 boxes of stuff in the kitchen.

The good news, the cats seem to approve of the new place - big windows for them to look out of. Tigger spent most of his time in the kitchen window. Bailey was just snooping around.

Tonight I'm going shopping, need a tv stand and some other stuff. Not a whole lot of stuff because apparently I took everything from inside the house whether I needed it or not. So now I have boxes of stuff that go to my ex. That's what I get for randomly packing and not paying attention.

But it appears I'm going to need to investigate stuff for camping again. I get the tent. How's that for a division of property - I get the tent, he gets the 5th wheel. The way I figure it, overall it works out in the end. But I currently have two camping trips planned for this summer. I need to get a foam or something for the tent though....oh and a sleeping bag would be good. Heh, suddenly I'm not so tired and stiff from moving :-D


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