Friday, June 03, 2005

It's going to be a wet day

I tend to ignore the news. Bad, I know, but how much of it really affects me? We're inundated with information throughout the day, be it TV, radio, the internet or just chatting with people around the water cooler. So I may be the last to have learned about Charles and Camilla tying the knot. Same with the Trudeau son who just got married this week or last. I may not have known last summer that Parks Canada employees were on strike. Does that really matter in my day to day life? Not so much. Sure if the news is on, I might catch it. Or listen to it in my car. Let's face it, K-Rock isn't exactly rated up with CNN on quality of news. But at least I catch up on major happenings - when I'm in my car.

But today, I've learned something. As long as I'm taking the bus... I need to consider checking out the odd weather report. Apparently, rain is in the forecast. My skirt, sandals and white shirt were probably not the best choice. I'd considered going back into the house for my rain jacked when I left, but I figured the sweater I had would do. Watching the clouds gather... probably not so much. So now, I'm planning my walk to the bus stop through the pedway.

Yep, I feel silly.

Oh well, not like I have big plans today. I do wish I'd gotten up early enough for breakfast though. I'm starving. hmm, maybe I should've used my break to run across the street to Tim's instead of writing this.


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