Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The new place.

Well, I'm all moved in. Cable hooked up, phone, internet. The ensuite bath has been tested and it is as relaxing as I expected. Last night the soak included a bottle of Australian Shiraz. Hey, I didn't have to work today so I figured I might as well have a bottle to celebrate the move.

I'm still missing my security & ID badges for work. Guess I'll have to survive without those for now. And I had to call and get a new credit card sent out since I'm not sure exactly where mine went to. I'm fairly certain it's around here somewhere, but if not, I'd rather not have to worry about it.

And now...now. I'm surprised by how scary it really was moving into my own place. How much it hurt to move out of the old place. Something I never thought I'd be doing. That's probably a large part of it. Plain old disbelief.

The sad part is that recently my friendship with my ex has been falling apart more and more. I'm not proud of that or how I've treated him lately. His moving on is one of the harder things for me to handle. That little safety blanket of him always being there is gone and I frankly feel like someone pulled the rug out from under my feet. Guess I know how he felt 7 months ago when I said I wanted the separation.

My cats seem to be settling in to the new place. Bailey has stopped meaowing all night. Either that or the wine just helped me sleep through it. And Tigger, well...he's not stuck to me in bed at night anymore. I guess Dad was right. They'd adjust just fine as long as I was around. Tigger is a little more clingy now though. When I sit down for a minute he jumps up and makes himself comfy on me.

It's back to work for me tomorrow. And back to the project from hell. Not really looking forward to that. I did learn on Monday that the one thing I need to do is WAY easier than I expected. I'd hoped, but figured I was better off not holding my breath on that one. Change one property and The existing code can work for me. BUT it still has to work the old way too, so I get to build a second set of forms to provide the new functionality. Basically it's the difference between users picking one item from a list or multiple, but there's a servlet in the way that looks up to an address book somewhere - which doesn't have to happen and actually causes an error if multiple names are selected. So I've gotta mess with that tomorrow. Once I get that working, there's one more form I need to build and I should be ready by Friday for this code to go into testing. Then I'm done. DONE with the PM from someplace very very warm.

Tonight I'm going to head out to pick up a new mop, some light bulbs and other fun stuff like that. Oooooh, a broom would be good too.


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