Tuesday, June 07, 2005

When I break something...

It's really just the way my day's been going, so should I really be surprised? I started out the morning with a little "intervention" from my friends. I haven't read my evil twin's blog yet, but apparently I'm mentioned in there as the crazy one. A name I've more than earned lately. Hmm, just went and read it. If I were more emotional, it might've brought a tear to my eye... (crazy lady - bah!)

But I digress - easily distracted today...

Started out the morning with a fine little warning from my friends. Note to self, when cutting close to a deadline - DO NOT accept MSN group chat invitations. Funny thing - Robyn has never met Sushi Boy, yet the two of them felt comfortable enough to gang up on me online this morning. I wish I'd saved some of that little conversation. There were times I was trying not to laugh - seeing as my cubicle with a view isn't overly soundproof. There were times I wanted to block them both for treating me like a little kid. I'm far too close to 30 to be a little kid anymore. I know, I know stop acting like one and they'll stop treating me like one :) I guess I don't see either happening any time soon. I do envision being handcuffed to one or the other of them, or having them stand guard on my front step so I can't leave by myself. One poopyheaded neighbor and I'm under lock and key.

I will say this. I grew up with drunken men. Well, not WITH them. I was the youngest in the neighborhood as a kid. The neighbors had two boys, the youngest was 4 years older than me, I believe. When they started drinking (it's sask, do that math on your own), they usually partied at home with their friends. We'd go over to visit and the boys would be partying so I was very experienced in drunken behaviour before I ever considered starting drinking. Maybe this is why I never did drink much. I've realized since that I was spared a lot because of my age at the time and my Dad. Even when I was old enough for them to start involving me in their activities, the threat of Harvey was great enough that I would always be either their little sister or completely ignored.

I've had to lock the doors and know where the guns (it was a farm in sask, yes, multiple guns) were simply because we had one older neighbor - very much older - who liked to believe the teenaged girls were attracted to him. Add alcoholism to that and my parents weren't always comfortable leaving me at home alone. So I learned early on that men and alcohol don't mix well at all. But at the same time, most of the drunks I've known were totally harmless and never bothered me. Again, likely because of my Dad and big brother. I'm not protected by that small town knowledge of my family anymore. I'm just a girl, or rather, a woman in a city full of strangers. So I was naive. I'm not so naive anymore, whether big brother and little sister believe that ;)

Wow, off topic again... Next came a two hour team meeting. Hey, at least when it came down to it, there were a couple items I could say "done" to, which is always a good feeling. I am getting a little tired of some of the internal power struggles we have going on here, but hey, I want no power so I should just sit back and be entertained. Not easy to do when you're watching a teammate get hassled. But he's a big boy he can deal with it.

And finally, back at my desk, I got to test the code I'd written while being lectured to by my friends ;) Well, I think I ended up rewriting every last line of the darned stuff and it STILL doesn't work. ARGH. Last thing I did was crash Notes with it and essentially my computer. Apparently I've created an endless loop somewhere. Hate when I do that.

So, now I'm getting a time out before I kill my computer. And notes is getting some time to think about what it did. Maybe I should've had lunch today. Oh well, too late now. Back to my broken code...


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