Thursday, June 09, 2005

My life is oddly interesting.

It's like watching a car wreck or the titanic sink. Only, wayyyyy less interesting and much less carnage. OK, fine, it's more like watching grass grow or paint dry.

I have friends who call me the crazy lady. They think I'm only one cat away from "Crazy Cat Lady." I have a friend who are apparently upset at not being called "smart-assed BC boy." I have many other names for him, and smart-assed was probably about the most polite. Hey, some days he's lucky he's considered a friend. Mr. "Oh darn, can't come help you move, Rainmaker Rodeo is on." Shoulda gone with lazy-assed BC Boy. Or there's always drunk-assed, VB Geek. Go back to your igloo...

Wow, does that sound as bitter and angry as I think? Oh well, he should be used to it by now.

The good news - I have AC again. This is cause for celebration since our office is now under 30 degrees again. I did come prepared today - t-shirt, skirt and sandals. Oh well, I still looked good for the meeting with the Director of IT. Although (going to be girly here for a second), the orange red of my toe nail polish just doesn't match the red of my t-shirt. I'm unco-ordinated. Oh wait, that's normal.

I attempted to do more unpacking last night. I really did. I was home early from work due to the heat so I went right upstairs to unpack. For whatever reason I lay down on the bed for "a couple minutes." this was about 4pm. I woke up at 6pm. Got up, went for food, cat food and a quick stop at the drug store for another girly moment - I was out of hairspray. By the time I got back, I logged on to work, finished up my day's work that I slept through earlier, checked my mail quickly at about 10 and went to bed. Maybe got a half box unpacked. So much for getting that done.

It's funny, I look at my previous posts and I probably come across as pretty picky about code standards and all that stuff. Right down to a little rant about whitespace. And I am. Code has structure for a reason. Code maintainability makes my job way easier. Even makes writing the code and debugging it the first time easier. It just takes a bit of planning.

So why is everything else in my life such a mess? This morning, I lost my ID and security badges again. Not a clue where they've ended up. I spent a couple of hours looking for some toastmasters paperwork that I remember being given, but don't know what I did with it. I blame that on the move. Don't give me stuff when the rest of my stuff is boxed up. I'm living out of boxes in my bedroom still, even though Sheila commented on how settled in I am. Ok, so the candles in the ensuite were an early requirement.

I keep giving excuses that once I get furniture I'll clean it up. Well, what does a sofa have to do with all the stacks of paper on my floor? Oh, wait, that's my missing desk... Right now, my desk at work looks like a couple binders exploded. There are stacks of paper everywhere. Oh, and an extremely cute black and white picture of my nephew.

Hey! Wait, I found the papers for toastmasters that my co-worker was looking for. I feel somewhat better now. It still doesn't excuse the clutter I can so easily ignore in my personal life. Even my car can get to be a mess. Eep, that reminds me, I have to pick up Stacey tonight for the zoo. Wonder if I'll have time to vacuum my car out. In the winter, my curling stuff has a permanent spot in the back seat. Not sure why, and one of these days I'll get tired of cold toes and start taking it into the house. Oh, wait, my garage is insulated now. My toes won't get so cold!

Wait, where was I going with this? Let's see, friends, code, messy house, messy desk, nephew, curling. Funny how everything ends up back at curling isn't it?


At 9:09 PM , Blogger The Igloo Coder said...

I still admire my former office mate who really understood my BCness. One day he declared over the divider "You must have been drunk when you wrote this code, it works." Ahhhhh, the freshness of mind when your gassed.


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